Mobile Computer TC52

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Mobile Computer TC52 is designed to do more with new hardware and software innovations that redefine mobile computing performance. No matter which models you choose, your workers get a user experience in a class of its own and all the latest technology advancements to work smarter — and faster.

Mobile Computer TC52 The TC52/TC57 Touch Computers build on the highly successful TC51/TC56, adding a new platform and new capabilities to deliver the ultimate in enterprise-class touch computing. You get the ultimate user experience — the simplicity of Android with all the business features workers need to maximize productivity and minimize process cycle times. You get the ultimate technology advancements on a cutting edge platform, maximizing the benefits of mobility today, with the future proofing you need to serve your business tomorrow. You get the ultimate collection of value-add apps, Mobility DNA™, with four new complimentary solutions that deliver unparalleled functionality — including the best possible WiFi performance, centralized control of the device update process, control over access to Google Mobile Services (GMS) and more. And optional Visibility Services offer the ultimate in device management capabilities to maximize device value.



155 mm L x 75.5 mm W x 18.6 mm H, 6.1 in. L x 2.9 in. W x 0.73 in. H


8.8 oz./249 g with battery


5.0 in. High Definition (1280 x 720), exceptionally bright, optically bonded to touch panel, outdoor viewable

Imager Window

Corning Gorilla Glass

Touch Panel

Corning® Gorilla® Glass, Dual mode capacitive touch with stylus or bare or gloved fingertip input (conductive stylus sold separately), fingerprint resistant anti-smudge coating, water droplet rejection


LED backlight


improved battery metrics for better battery management, Rechargeable Li-Ion, PowerPrecision+, > 15.48 Watt hours, > 4150 mAh


User accessible MicroSD up to 32GB SDHC and up to 256 GB SDXC

Network Connections

High Speed (Host and Client), USB 2.0, WLAN, WPAN (Bluetooth)


Audible tone, multi-color LEDs, vibration


On-screen keypad and enterprise keyboard

Voice and Audio

Bluetooth wireless headset support, cellular circuit switch voice, Front facing speaker, HD Voice, High quality speaker phone, PTT headset support, SWB & FB audio, Three microphone support with noise cancellation, vibrate alert


dedicated push-to-talk button and volume up/down buttons, dual dedicated scan buttons, Six programmable buttons for maximum flexibility


Qualcomm Snapdragon™ 660 octa-core, 2.2 GHz

Operating System

Android 10, upgradebale through A11/R3


4GB RAM/32GB Flash

Operating Temperature

-4°F to 122°F/-20°C to 50°C

Storage temperature

-40°F to 158°F/-40°C to 70°C


5% to 95% non-condensing

Drop Specification

Multiple 4 ft/1.2m drops to tile over concrete -10°C to 50°C (14°F to 122°F), Multiple 6 ft. drops to concrete with the rugged boot accessory per Mil STD 810 G

Tumble Specification

500 1.6 ft./0.5 m tumbles, meets or exceeds IEC tumble specification


IP68 and IP65 per applicable IEC sealing specifications


0.04 g 2/Hz Random (20 Hz to 2 kHz), 4 g’s PK Sine (5 Hz to 2 kHz), 60 minute duration per axis, 3 axis

Thermal Shock

-40° F to 158° F/-40° C to 70° C rapid transition

Electro-Static Discharge

+/-15kVdc air discharge, +/-8kVdc direct discharge, +/-8kVdc indirect discharge

• •Interactive Sensor Technology (IST)

• • • • • • • • • •

Light Sensor

Automatically adjusts display backlight brightness


eCompass automatically detects direction and orientation

Motion Sensor

3-axis Accelerometer with MEMS Gyro

Proximity Sensor

Automatically detects when the user places the handset against head during a phone call to disable display output and touch input


Code 39 barcode: 20 Mil: 2.0 in. to 30.0 in./5.08 cm to 76.2 cm 4 Mil: 3.3 in. to 8.8 in./8.4 cm to 22.4 cm, Digimarc support, SE4710 imager (1D and 2D) with extraordinary range: Scan range


Front — 5 MP; f/2.0 aperture, Rear — 13 MP autofocus; f/2.2 aperture; flash LED generates balanced white light; supports Torch mode


FeliCa and ISO 15693 cards, ISO 14443 Type A and B, P2P mode and Card Emulation via Host


2×2 MU-MIMO, IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac/d/h/i/r/k/v3/w, IPv4, IPv6, Wi-Fi™ certified

Data Rates

2.4GHz: 802.11b/g/n — up to 300 Mbps, 5GHz: 802.11a/n/ac — up to 866.7 Mbps

Operating Channels

Actual operating channels/ frequencies and bandwidths depend on regulatory rules and certification agency, Channel 1-13 (2412-2472 MHz): 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, Channel 36-165 (5180-5825 MHz): 36,40,44,48,52 56,60,64,100,104,108,112,116,120,124,128,132,136,140,144,149,153,157,161,165, Channel Bandwidth: 20, 40, 80 MHz

Security and Encryption

EAP-PWD, EAP-TLS, LEAP, PEAPv0- MSCHAPv2, PEAPv1- EAP-GTC, WEP (40 or 104 bit), WPA/WPA2 Enterprise (TKIP and AES) — EAP-TTLS (PAP, MSCHAP, MSCHAPv2), WPA/WPA2 Personal (TKIP, and AES)


WFA (802.11n, WMM-PS, 801.11ac, PMF)

Fast Roam

802.11r, Cisco CCKM, OKC, PMKID caching


Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), Bluetooth v5.0, Class 2