Zebra Mobility DNA

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Zebra Mobility DNA is a suite of enterprise solutions designed to help maximize mobile user productivity and minimize IT complexities over the lifespan of a Zebra computer, tablet or wearable device.

Mobility DNA offers secure solutions to help deploy, manage, and support every stage of your devices’ lifecycle. Simplifying device lifecycle management and the user experience, Mobility DNA helps achieve and accelerate greater business outcomes, lowering total cost of ownership, helping to meet your unique business needs.


Greater device protection against a world of security threats, reducing your risk and extending the lifespan of your device. Benefit from an ongoing flow of software enrichments, upgrades, and future releases that enhance performance, provide greater device protection, along with new capabilities.


During your mobile devices’ lifecycle, you’ll face different needs at different stages. Our software simplifies device lifecycle management throughout your mobile computers’ hardware journey. Ongoing functionality is continually raised to the latest, highest standards.


Make your investment last through Mobility DNA. Maximize mobile user productivity and minimize IT complexities across operations, IT, developers, frontline workers, and more, with our built-in software capabilities.


Developers can effortlessly integrate line of business applications to enhance the mobile user’s experience.

Enterprise Mobility Development Kit

Easily incorporate advanced functionality into your Enterprise Application design.

Enterprise Browser

Build feature-rich web applications.


DataWedge API

Integrate data capture into enterprise apps without writing any code.


Greater device protection against a world of security threats, reducing your risk and extending the lifespan of your device.

LifeGuard™️ for Android™️

Extend OS security support for up to ten years.

Enterprise Home Screen

Specify apps users can access, disable device features and automatically launch apps.


Rapidly stage devices to earn the benefits of your investment sooner.



Zebra Technologies’ StageNow allows any size organization to easily stage a handful, or thousands, of Android devices with a quick scan of a barcode or a tap on an NFC tag.

Zebra Zero-Touch

Pre-configure the devices you purchase; out of the box, they’ll provision themselves for faster deployment.


Greater visibility and reduced complexity of managing your device’s lifecycle, minimizing downtime and lowering your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Device Diagnostic Tool

Device Diagnostics lets you test major systems and can help eliminate costly, unnecessary repair depot trips for devices that don’t really need repair.

Device Tracker

Device Tracker allows you to easily track or find your lost or missing Zebra Mobile Devices.



Capture system and application logs to identify problems and avoid sending no-failure-found devices for repair.



Software application providing a unified interface for all Zebra value-added APIs via the customer’s EMM.

Mobility DNA Wireless

Zebra’s proprietary Wi-Fi features enable unsurpassed management of the Wi-Fi connections at the device and network levels.

Mobility Extensions (MX)

Add extra layers of features and services crucial to protecting business data and network access.

GMS Restricted Mode

Turn off the Google Mobile Services you don’t want.


Increase the output of your workforce, driving greater job performance.

Device Central

Manage Bluetooth® accessories.


All-Touch Terminal Emulation

Convert legacy, green screens into an all-touch, modern UX.

Terminal Emulation Lite

Give users a modern touch interface with either automatic, predictive reformatting or a customized UX.


Enterprise Keyboard

Improve productivity with Enterprise Keyboard that enables fast, accurate alphanumeric entry purposely designed for enterprise.


NG SimulScan

Effortlessly capture the right barcodes (up to 100 barcodes at the same time).


OCR Wedge

Effortlessly and accurately capture standardized data to streamline workflows and improve productivity



Migrate CE windows mobile applications to Android.



Zebra mobility dna