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ATTACHMENT RA-101 Side Attachment with MSR[HID/VCOM selection] for RT Series

The RA-101 Side Attachment, designed specifically for the RT Series, introduces a versatile and essential component to the modern point of sale (POS) environment. This attachment features a Magnetic Stripe Reader (MSR) that supports both HID and VCOM modes, enabling businesses to customize its operation based on specific requirements or preferences. The flexibility to switch between HID (Human Interface Device) and VCOM (Virtual COM Port) modes enhances its compatibility with various software and systems, making it a highly adaptable solution for a wide range of retail and hospitality settings.

Integrating the RA-101 into your POS system not only expands its functionality but also streamlines transactions. The MSR feature allows for swift and secure reading of credit, debit, and loyalty cards, facilitating a smoother checkout process and enhancing the customer experience. Its design is both sleek and durable, ensuring that it complements the aesthetics of the RT Series while standing up to the rigors of daily use.

Moreover, the RA-101’s easy installation process ensures that businesses can quickly enhance their operations without significant downtime. Its plug-and-play nature means minimal technical expertise is required for setup, allowing for immediate improvement in efficiency and service delivery.

In summary, the RA-101 Side Attachment offers a practical and efficient upgrade for the RT Series, providing businesses with the ability to adapt to evolving payment technologies and customer expectations. Its selectable MSR capability, combined with its ease of use and durable design, makes it an invaluable addition to any POS system, poised to meet the demands of modern commerce.



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Magnetic Stripe Reading

3-track support, Bi-directional swipe, Support ISO 7811 magnetic card



System Supported

RT Series